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Trophy Hunting Online - Online Hunting Game, Browser Game, Hunting RPG

Utilizing the base technology from the popular Trophy Fishing Online 2, Trophy Hunting takes the Trophy System another step featuring a completely revamped hunting system with tons of sounds and new media. Hunt around the United States with animals boasting both adult and juvenile pictures.


Nearly 100 animal species.
Over 100 equipment pieces ranging from crossbows to pistols.
Nearly 25 hunting locations.
Weather and Climate System
Best described as an online hunting game or hunting rpg game

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Top 10 Kills[By Size] in Last 24 Hours
Shot ByAnimal
sampey4Raccoon 1 feet-6 inches-8.63 mm[5.902 lbs] (Boss II) (Elk Mountain, Wyoming)(Happened 18 hours 0 minutes ago)
jcoastieRing-necked Pheasant 1 feet-3 inches-3.92 mm[1.265 lbs] (Regular II) (Chequamegon National Forest, Wisconsin)(Happened 2 hours 0 minutes ago)
sampey4Coyote 1 feet-1 inches-2 cm-2.91 mm[6.424 lbs] (Regular) (Buffalo River, Minnesota)(Happened 1 day 0 minutes ago)
sampey4Cottontail Rabbit 11 inches-1 cm-0.19 mm[0.44 lb] (Boss I) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 16 hours 0 minutes ago)
sampey4Raccoon 11 inches-9.86 mm[3.442 lbs] (Regular II) (Elk Mountain, Wyoming)(Happened 18 hours 0 minutes ago)
dankerCoyote 11 inches-5.77 mm[5.188 lbs] (Regular) (Buffalo River, Minnesota)(Happened 10 hours 0 minutes ago)
dankerMallard 10 inches-1 cm-2.69 mm[0.381 lb] (Regular) (Buffalo River, Minnesota)(Happened 10 hours 0 minutes ago)
dankerCrow 10 inches-1 cm-1.85 mm[0.096 lb] (Regular II) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 19 hours 0 minutes ago)
sampey4Cottontail Rabbit 9 inches-1 cm-5.76 mm[0.196 lb] (Boss I) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 11 hours 0 minutes ago)
jcoastieCottontail Rabbit 9 inches-1 cm-4.96 mm[0.193 lb] (Regular II) (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)(Happened 1 day 0 minutes ago)

(C)2004-20013 Trophy Hunting Online is a Red Shade Games LLC Game.

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[1] sampey4,